Our Story

Glossika was established by a team of polyglots and linguists, led by Michael Campbell, who wanted to build a method that combined the latest developments in memory, language acquisition, spaced repetition, and linguistic detail to make language learning fast, effective, and easy.
We deliver fluency by building muscle memory through sound patterns rather than grammar. This mimics the way babies learn language and grammar naturally.
Our goal is to bring functional fluency to anybody, regardless of whether a language or dialect is written. With ease and efficiency in learning as our primary objective, we continue to innovate and we're currently on schedule to release more and more interactive solutions to the Glossika fanbase.
Michael brings his experience with learning languages from 14 different language families, including acquiring fluency in unwritten aborigine languages and Chinese dialects, and packaging this training into the current Glossika product. No matter whether resources exist to acquire a spoken language, Michael has the tools and methods to deliver comprehension and speaking fluency.
The foundation of Glossika training is firmly grounded in the semantic and syntactic mapping of Role and Reference Grammar, studies in cognitive psychology, and advances in short-cycle decrease interval spaced repetition algorithms.

Meet the Team

Michael Campbell

Founder & CEO

The founder of Glossika, Michael Campbell, is a world-renowned polyglot, who has acquired many major and minority languages.

Glossika was developed and tested over 10 years to help students break through to fluency. Campbell now bring his passion for languages and his fluency solutions to the world through Glossika's new line of products.

Sheena Chen
Head of Operations
Claudia Chen
Product Management
Yi-Lun Chiu
David Dupouy
Chief Technology Officer
Imadeddin Mahdi Fatah
A-Long Galai
Production Management
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Full-Stack Consulting
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SEO Manager
Joy Jen
RRG Syntactician
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Digital Marketing
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Senior Front-End Developer
Jeremy Yen
Full-Stack Developer
Translation, Writing
Translation, Writing
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