Our Story

Led by Michael Campbell, Glossika was established by a team of polyglots and linguists who wanted to create a method that combines the latest developments in memory, language acquisition, spaced repetition, and linguistic knowledge to make language learning fast, effective, and easy.
Rather than focusing on textbook grammar, we deliver fluency by using sound patterns to stimulate the brain and solidify what you’ve learned into your internal memory. In this way, you’re able to learn languages naturally, much like how babies and children acquire languages from an early age.
By maximizing language exposure and immersion in a structured way that’s comprehensive yet easy to follow, language learners of all levels are able to achieve fluency at their own pace. With fluency as our primary objective, we focus on improving and reinforcing certain aspects of language learning such as listening comprehension, pronunciation, and speaking.
While preparing you for real-life conversations with native speakers, Glossika’s unique method simultaneously builds up your understanding of a language’s grammar by gradually familiarizing yourself with various sentence patterns and structures. This way, instead of having to read stacks of grammar books, you have the means to intuitively use proper grammar.
First-time language learners often start a language then give up after a few months or weeks. We realize the importance of sticking to a schedule and consistently putting the language to practice. The foundation of Glossika’s language learning system is firmly rooted in staying on track in your training. Not only do we follow your progress to make sure that you’re making significant improvements, we also optimize the content to your unique learning preferences.

Meet the Team

Michael Campbell

Founder & CEO

The founder of Glossika, Michael Campbell, is a world-renowned polyglot. In his pursuit of developing innovative language learning methods, Campbell has conducted decades of research based on science-backed, data-driven solutions.

Now, using a combination of AI technologies and machine learning algorithms that fully optimizes a user’s learning experience, Glossika not only changes the playing field in language learning, but takes human intelligence to a new level.

Sheena Chen
Head of Operations
Claudia Chen
Product Management
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David Dupouy
Chief Technology Officer
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Product Manager
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Full-Stack Consulting
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SEO Manager
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Digital Marketing
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Senior Front-End Developer
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Full-Stack Developer
Translation, Writing
Translation, Writing
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Product Management Intern
Joy Jen
RRG Syntactician
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