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Inside every Glossika course, you will find thousands of sentences carefully chosen to help you learn the most important features of every language. Use the phonetic transcripts and audio files to make the most of your language training. Learn more about how to use Glossika's training materials.

If you want to study from another source language, or study more than one language at a time, try our Custom Course & Triangulation Builder. We'll make you exactly what you want.

Available Courses

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Daily Life—Japanese

For anybody who wants to get settled in a new city -- everything from finding an apartment, paying bills, getting things installed, to seeing a doctor. This course will allow you to function fluently in your new home.


For travelers who need just enough to get by for their next trip, this course covers everything from flights, reservations, public transit, accommodations, finding your way around, eating out, and emergencies. This course will allow you to function fluently on the road.

Fluency 123—Japanese

One of the most powerful and popular languages of Asia, it's extremely useful for careers in tech, finance, robotics, and natural sciences.

Business Intro—Japanese

For business-oriented professionals who want to break the ice and get business conversations started with clients, or for those who just want to "listen in" on the other side.