Daily Life — Chinese (Mandarin, Taiwan)

For anybody who wants to get settled in a new city, everything from finding an apartment, paying bills, getting things installed, to seeing a doctor. This course will allow you to function fluently in your new home.

  • Bilingual Sentences
  • Language Introduction
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • Detailed Phonics

Glossika's audiovisual method helps you master comprehension and achieve fluency. Great on its own, or the perfect companion to your ongoing studies.

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About the Course

  • Content & Schedule

    1 book — 1000 sentences — 3 months of content (on suggested schedule of 20 min/day). 30+ hours Spaced Repetition Audio Training by native speaker.

  • Master the Material

    Gradual progression from A2 to B1 Level (CEFR). Master 1000+ words and how to use them in the real world using collocation drills.

  • Science-Based Tools

    IPA phonics shows you exactly what you're hearing, so you can say it right, right from the start. Glossika brings together the latest in language acquisition research in the fields of comprehensible input, memory, psychology, phonetics and linguistics.

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