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Inside every Glossika course, you will find thousands of sentences carefully chosen to help you learn the most important features of every language. Use the phonetic transcripts and audio files to make the most of your language training. Learn more about how to use Glossika's training materials.

If you want to study from another source language, or study more than one language at a time, try our Custom Course & Triangulation Builder. We'll make you exactly what you want.

Available Courses

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Fluency 123—Arabic (Standard)

Speaking Arabic gives you the power to communicate across the Middle East and Northern Africa. Our phonics solutions make pronunciation even more accessible.

Fluency 123—Armenian

Armenians don't talk like a textbook. This is the only place you'll have access to training the true spoken language just like they speak on TV.

Fluency 123—Belarusian

An old relic of East Slavic, our course will put your fluency ahead of most Belarusians and will truly impress them.

Fluency 123—Catalan

Your command of Catalan will open doors and opportunities for you in Barcelona, this very proud Catalan-speaking city.

Fluency 123—Chinese (Cantonese)

Spoken by millions of Chinese diaspora for 150 years and in the powerful financial hub of Hong Kong, very few foreigners have ever achieved fluency. Until now.

Fluency 123—Chinese (Hakka)

With both inland and seashore dialects in 1 package, we're the only company daring enough to publish this unique Chinese language.

Fluency 123—Chinese (Mandarin, China)

Speaking in the Putonghua Mandarin accent of China will allow you to sound like a strong business and political negotiator.

Business Intro—Chinese (Mandarin, China)

Chinese (Mandarin, China)

Daily Life—Chinese (Mandarin, Taiwan)

Everything from finding an apartment, paying bills, getting installations, to seeing a doctor. This course brings you to functional daily life fluency.

Travel—Chinese (Mandarin, Taiwan)

Travel Taiwan and China with confidence with this module covering everything from reservations to accommodations and emergencies.

Fluency 123—Chinese (Mandarin, Taiwan)

The beautiful lilting Mandarin of The Beautiful Island is well-received throughout the greater Chinese-speaking community.

Business Intro—Chinese (Mandarin, Taiwan)

One of the largest economies of East Asia, the number one biggest reason why people learn Chinese is to do business.

Fluency 123—Chinese (Taiwanese Hokkien)

Rated hardest for English speakers, it's no wonder we're the only international publishers to tackle it. Get started speaking right away.

Fluency 123—Chinese (Wenzhounese)

Long known as the secret dialect of China and impossible to crack, this is the most common dialect spoken by Chinese in Europe. Now even you can crack it.

Fluency 123—Czech


Business Intro—Czech

Located in the heart of Europe with a growing economy, breaking the ice in business Czech is just what you need to land that deal.

Fluency 123—Dutch

Locals may insist on speaking English, so with this material you can push through to fluency and keep those conversations going in Dutch.

Fluency 123—Egyptian Arabic

Egyptian Arabic

Fluency 123—Estonian

The tech hub in Tallinn produced companies like Skype. Now you too can enjoy Estonia and participate in tech discussions in Estonian.

Fluency 123—Finnish

Finns are proud that few ever master their spoken language. Prove them wrong and land some great new opportunities in this high tech country.

Fluency 123—French

One of the most powerful and beautiful languages of the world, you'll find it useful almost everywhere on your travels, wherever you are.

Business Intro—French

From technology to fashion, French has a very important role in the international world of business. Get started with business fluency here.

Daily Life—German




Fluency 123—German

One of the most powerful and popular languages of Europe, it's extremely useful in tech, science, finance, and bureaucracy.

Business Intro—German

From technology to finance, German plays a very important role in the international world of business. Get started with business fluency here.

Fluency 123—Greek

With one of the longest and richest histories in Europe, Greek is also very challenging. Conversational fluency makes access to texts much easier.

Fluency 123—Hindi

Spoken Hindi is the lingua franca for most of northern India and mutually intelligible with Urdu, giving you access to hundreds of millions of people.

Fluency 123—Hungarian

Difficult? Not here. Learn the spelling - or not - either way, we'll get you to fluency and you may even find that the spelling starts to make sense.

Fluency 123—Icelandic

Finally this imposing language is now made as easy as German. Access to phonics and native expressions, this is the only fluency training available.

Fluency 123—Indonesian


Fluency 123—Italian

The long-time capital of art, fashion, history, culture, and cuisine, now even you can chiacchierare just like a local over colazione, pranzo and cena.

Daily Life—Japanese




Fluency 123—Japanese

One of the most powerful and popular languages of Asia, it's extremely useful for careers in tech, finance, robotics, and natural sciences.

Business Intro—Japanese

One of the largest economies of East Asia, Japan's economy is booming. This course gives you hundreds of icebreakers for closing that deal.

Fluency 123—Korean

They're tech savvy and popular, and attract many who are determined to master the speech registers and unique sounds of this language isolate.

Fluency 123—Latvian


Fluency 123—Lithuanian


Fluency 123—Mongolian

One of the most mysterious and difficult languages for westerners because of a lack of resources and exposure.

Fluency 123—Polish

Don't let the spelling fool you into thinking it's difficult. With our tools we level the playing field and make Polish one of the easiest to learn.

Business Intro—Polish

As a quickly growing and emerging economy of Europe, Poland boasts a large population that is ready to do business with you.

Fluency 123—Russian

In less than a year fluency will give you the freedom to socialize in a dozen countries and tap a large source of literature and science.

Fluency 123—Serbian

As a lingua franca in southeast Europe, you'll be able to socialize in six countries which will open plenty of new opportunities.

Fluency 123—Slovak


Fluency 123—Spanish (Mexico)

With the strongest economy and largest population in Latin America, using this variety of Spanish extends far beyond its own borders.

Fluency 123—Spanish (Spain)

Adopt a Castilian accent and speak like a true Spaniard, the most common form of Spanish used in the European Union.

Fluency 123—Swahili

An absolute necessity for work and communication, this lingua franca has a huge user base of 150+ million across a dozen countries of East Africa.

Fluency 123—Thai

Complex writing, tones, and sounds that scare people away. Avoid all of this with Glossika and start communicating in Thailand right away.

Fluency 123—Turkish

This widely understood lingua franca, from Turkey across Central Asia to China, and easy grammar, this is a powerful communication tool.

Fluency 123—Ukrainian

Whether planning to travel to western Ukraine or for socializing, you'll never fail to impress with the fluency command this course delivers.

Fluency 123—Vietnamese (Northern)

Whether having trouble understanding or being understood this course will give you the right accent and make the right impression every time.