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Frequently Asked Questions

Glossika User Account

New Account

  • Does it cost anything to sign up for an account?

    It's absolutely FREE.
  • What can I do with a Glossika account?

    You can manage your account, download your personal Schedule Guide and all purchased courses, and track the delivery process of your orders.
  • Is it necessary for existing customers to sign up for a new account?

    Not at all. You can actually use the one-click login option, and receive instant access from your e-mail.

My Order

  • I get a "404 Error" screen when I place an order. What should I do?

    We recommend that you switch to a difference browser and try again.
  • When can I download the course after I've placed an order?

    In general, you should receive the download link to your purchased course in about 10 minutes after an order has been placed. However, when a transaction is pending by our Third-Party Payment, this process could be delayed. If you do not receive the download link after an hour of placing your order, please contact us and we will take care of it for you.
  • I have already purchased the electronic products. How do I purchase the physical books? How much are they?

    Yes, the physical books for the Fluency 123 series is 48 USD (30 USD for 3 books + 18 USD international shipping fee). Individual paperbacks are available for Travel, Business Intro, and Daily Life modules at 18 USD each (10 USD for 1 book + 8 USD international shipping fee).

    How to Purchase:

    1. Contact and provide your order number.
    2. Upon confirmation, we will send you a discount code.
    3. Place an order for Pro Package and enter your discount code.
    4. Done!
  • How would I receive my audio files and PDF? Do I also get CDs?

    You may download your ebooks and audio files in your account (under My Library). Since our audio files for any course easily takes up over 100 CD's, we appreciate your understanding in our consideration for being environmentally friendly.
  • Could I get free updates for the courses that I've purchased? Where to download? How do I find out about the update?

    Yes, you get free updates! You may download the new version from the link in your account. We'll also send you an e-mail notification about the new update.
  • What's the size of the download? How long does it take to download?

    The download includes more than 120 hours of high quality audio. Each book is about 600 MB, and the complete Fluency 123 series takes up to 2.5 gigabytes. Download time depends on the internet connection and speed, but each link takes about 10~20 minutes to download.
  • Could I re-download the files after my computer's been formatted?

    Yes, just log in to your Glossika account and download them from My Library.


  • I purchased one of the books in Fluency 123 from another shopping platform, but now I'd like to complete my collection. How will the cost be calculated?

    In general, you'll receive the complete package after paying the price difference. However, we highly recommend that you provide us with your purchase receipt, so that we could let you know the exact amount in price difference to pay.
  • What's the method of payment? Could currency be converted?

    We use 2Checkout online payment processing, which supports Paypal and all major credit card transactions. Currency may be converted.
  • Can I pay via bank transfer?

    We do not accept bank/international wire transfers, in order to avoid additional transaction charges. You may pay with all major credit cards or Paypal in our secure online shop.

International Shipping

  • I missed my shipment due to personal reasons. Could you arrange for a second shipment? How would the cost be calculated?

    Yes, but since our free international shipping is a one-time offer, we will charge you for the returning shipping fee, on top of the second-time shipping. The shipment fee varies by country, so we will notify you of the exact amount to be paid before shipping. Once you've paid the shipping fee, we will then send out your package at the parcel service's earliest convenience!
  • I noticed that I provided the wrong mailing address after the order has been confirmed. What should I do?

    In such situation, please contact us immediately. Before the books are shipped out, we can still make final changes. However, once the shipment has been sent, please refer to the process of a second-time shipping. It is advisable to double check your information before you confirm an order.
  • How long does it take to get the physical books?

    When your package has been sent out, you may check the shipping status of your order via tracking number in your account, under Order History. As a rough estimation, please consider the following time required for your shipment's arrival:

    Hong Kong:1~2 working days
    US:6~8 working days
    Europe:7~10 working days
    Australia/New Zealand:7~12 working days

    The actual arrival time is determined by delivery of your local postal services.

Exchange & Refund

  • I accidentally purchased the wrong course. Could I make an exchange?

    When this occurs, please contact us right away without downloading the course. If you have downloaded the course on your device, it will affect the decision in exchanging for another course.
  • I applied for a refund. How long does it take for me to receive this payment on my credit card or paypal account?

    Refund processing time will depend on your bank, but most refunds take 3~7 working days.
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Products, Method & Technical Support

General Questions

  • What's a "source language?" And what's a "target language?"

    "Source language" refers to your native language or a language that you are exceptionally familiar with. "Target language" refers to a language that you'd like to learn.
  • How can Glossika courses help me to target a specific area in my language training?

    Our courses may potentially help you improve pronunciation, speaking and listening proficiencies.
  • What's the expected progress of completing a Glossika course? Would it be helpful to me in taking language exams?

    The progress of language learning is determined by various factors, including the amount of time you put in, the method used for learning and how focused you are during practice sessions. According to our users' feedback, average learners experienced an increase of about 60% in their language proficiency with great improvement, when they followed our methods in a consistent training routine.

    Glossika courses are not made for taking language exams. However, our fluency series is equivalent to A1~B2 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages.
  • You have lots of products, where should I start first?

    For general language acquisition and interest, we recommend the Fluency 123 series. Other than that, we also have Business Intro, Travel, and Daily Life modules to fit your specific purpose.
  • Is the content of ebooks and physical books the same?

    Yes, they're the same.
  • My native language isn't supported by the website, could I still make it my source language?

    Yes, please select the "Triangulation" option for the course you'd like to purchase to customize your order.

Languages Already Published

  • Can PDF (ebook) text be searched or copied?

  • Is it possible to get some sample files before making a purchase?

    You may access our sample audio files on Soundcloud. If you're a first-time user and would like to receive more information, please write to us:

Languages in Production

  • Do you have an estimation for when OO language will be ready? Could I be notified with it is ready?

    Generally speaking, it's very difficult for us to estimate when a new language will be ready. Our production process has quite a few moving parts, including translation, proofreading, audio recording & post-production, and text verification on romanizations and IPA phonics. Please check back on our website for updates, or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest product release news and special offers.
  • Do you consider producing OO language?

    If you or someone you know would like to cooperate on a new language course, we're interested in producing any language -- just let us know!
  • What's the qualification for becoming a collaborator? Could I send in recommendation for suitable individuals?

    Our potential collaborators should be in excellent language proficiency. They must also meet up to our standards for sound (voice) quality. If you know someone who fits this description, please get touch with us!


  • How should I use Glossika courses to learn on my own?

    You may refer to Glossika Schedule on the bottom menu of our website homepage.
  • Should I memorize all the sentences?

    No, memorizing is overkill and doesn't make use of memory anchors appropriately. There is lengthy discussion in our blog on this subject.
  • How do I know if I'm actually speaking properly after using your courses?

    We always encourage people to use their new language skills socially. Some cultures won't tell you directly if you're making mistakes, but you can always ask for feedback. The truth is, if you're speaking their language and they're responding, and you understand & respond back, then you're successful. There will always be bottlenecks with vocabulary and discussing subjects you're not familiar with and you can decide at that point whether that's something you'd like to pursue further in your learning.
  • I can't read, write, or spell in the foreign language I'm learning, so how am I supposed to do dictation?

    Dictation is optional, but recommended because the movement of the hand writing the words helps build better memories. You may refer to articles in our blog regarding this, but we recommend starting with spelling out words phonetically with IPA or the romanization you find in the book. Once you get familiar with how the language sounds, then start to transfer those skills by writing in the script. It's better to start learning how to read, but you can also pick up writing at the same time. Try copying the text out by hand and pronouncing each word or letter as you go. Refer to the romanization for help until you are familiar with all the letters.

    An alternative way that works really well is by transcribing the foreign script into romanization letter by letter until you get really fast at it and can now read it faster than you can transcribe it by hand. At that point you can switch to trying to transcribe the romanization into the foreign script. We have already gamified this process on our website. You can now choose from over a half dozen foreign alphabets to learn.

Triangulation Package

  • What is a Triangulation Package? Does it mean that different languages are mixed in the same files, or is it more a way to 'bundle' a few languages together with a less expensive price?

    The triangulation package allows you to learn or review 2 or more languages at the same time by combining multiple languages into a single audio file.

    Please refer to our article dedicated to this topic: What is a Glossika triangulation package?
  • I already own OO language package. What would be my price if I order the Triangulation Package that includes OO language?

    We are happy to offer a 20% discount for triangulation packages that include a language you've previously purchased. Please e-mail us for a coupon code.
  • If I ordered a "3-Language Triangulation" package, are the 3 languages Source, Target 1, Target 2? Or is it Source and then Target 1, Target 2, Target 3?

    The "3-Language Triangulation" package includes a total of 3 languages: 1 source + 2 targets.
  • Would it be possible to get some sample files?

    Of course! Please e-mail and let us know which 3 languages you'd like to try.
  • Does Triangulation Package contain the same amount of material for my chosen languages as in the Fluency 123 course?

    Yes, the amount of material stays the same for all languages. What distinguishes the courses is the order in which the audio files are played:

    Fluency 123: Source → Target
    Triangulation: Source → Target 1 → Target 2
  • Does it require any previous knowledge of these languages?

    The Triangulation Package works best when you already have at least some familiarity with the languages, and we recommend using your native language as the source language.
  • Is it possible to order printed copies of the triangulation PDFs?

    Unfortunately not. Due to minimum order requirements from our printing house and the unlikeliness of selling a large volume of Triangulation Packages for every combination of languages, we are unable to provide paperback copies.
  • Is it advisable to choose only similar languages in a triangulation package (Spanish and Catalan), or would it be fine to mix languages which are not similar to one another?

    You can mix and match language families, but we really like listening to audio from different languages of the same family. Listening to two similar languages side by side allows you to more easily keep them separate in your mind.
  • If one of the languages in my purchased triangulation package has an update, would I be eligible to get it?

    Yes, we will provide you with an update for that specific course.
  • I've purchased a Triangulation Package for English-German-Spanish before, and now I'd like to get a Fluency 123 course for English-German, do I get a discount?

    If you'd like to purchase a language course already existing in your triangulation package, we'd be happy to provide you with a 50% OFF discount.

Technical Support

  • Can I download the files on my smartphone, tablet, or Kindle?

    Unfortunately, these platforms have not had successful download of our files, considering the space required to store them and the internet connection often being less stable on these devices.
  • Once I've downloaded audio files to my computer, how do I transfer them to my smartphone or pad?

    If you're using an iOS device, we recommend that you sync your files from your computer/laptop to other devices through iTunes.
  • What's the format of the ebook? Can the text be searched or copied?

    The ebook is in PDF, which supports both Search and Copy.
  • Can I read Glossika's ebook on Kindle?

  • To what devices are Glossika courses compatible to?

    Our courses are compatible with a variety of devices, such as desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and Kindle. We recommend downloading the full course on your computer first, then transfer the files to other devices of your choice.
  • What's the format of the audio files?

    The audio files are mp3, as we compress them into a zip file for download.
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Contact Us

We always enjoy hearing from you and there are several ways that you can reach us.

Customer Service

  • How do I get in touch with customer service?

    If you are unable to find your answers, or would like to speak to someone for assistance, we are happy to help. Our customer service is open Mondays through Fridays at 9am to 6pm (GMT+8). E-mail:


  • Are there job positions available at Glossika?

    We are always looking for engineers, linguists, video editors, translators, marketing talent, sales representatives and post-production staff. If you're passionate about language and have what it takes to become our team member, please contact us for more details.

    If you are passionate about languages and would like to work in a start-up environment, you just might be the one we are looking for!


  • I am a blogger for a lnaguage learning site, how can I join Glossika's affiliate network?

    You may sign up for a Glossika account, then apply to become an affiliate member.
  • Does Glossika sponsor events or activities?

    Yes, please send us your proposal and we can discuss more details!
  • How could I invite Glossika to participate in workshop or a special talk session?

    Please e-mail us at: and we will get in touch with you the soonest we could.
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