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Are you tired of your study routine, or just want to take a break from the intense training?
Try our fun tools to help you learn alphabets, read short phrases, recognize native intonation and many more...

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Chinese Alphabet Game

“Pinyin” is the romanization system used to learn Chinese pronunciation. Learn how to transcribe Zhuyin Fuhao (Bopomofo) with pinyin in 69 levels to get all the practice you need to master this alphabet system!


Korean Alphabet Game

One of the most widely spoken isolate languages in the world is now in Alphabet Game mode! Learn to read Korean -- this unique script doesn’t belong to any language family -- from consonants, vowels and their combination in a few days’ time!


Japanese Alphabet Game

This game will take you through both Hiragana and Katakana like a breeze! Don’t miss out on this all-time favorite and users’ TOP 3 requested language!


Georgian Alphabet Game

If you’re looking for a challenge, Georgian is a wonderful choice! You can throw out all your previous knowledge about languages, as Georgian is unrelated to anything else you’ve ever seen before.


Armenian Alphabet Game

Have some fun with Armenian -- learn how to read the lowercase and uppercase letters in this game!


Polish Alphabet Game

Have you thought about learning a "hard" language like Polish before? Well, now you can start from the absolute beginning through our Polish Alphabet Game!


Greek Alphabet Game

Emerging from the Phoenician alphabet, which serves as the basis of many writing systems around the world, learning Greek is a good way to grow your knowledge in vocabulary and word roots.


Russian Alphabet Game

With this learning tool, you can familiarize yourself with the Russian writing system one alphabet at a time. Get started today!