The Glossika Method

Think you're too busy to learn a language? Think again.

For Busy People & Casual Learners

20 minutes per day, 3 months per book


  1. Listen.

    Use the MP3 files from the folder 'GLOSSIKA-XX-GSR'. Keep going and don't worry if you miss something on the first day, you will hear each sentence more than a dozen times over the next 5 days.

(That's it, just 1 step.)

For Intensive Study

1-2 hours per day, 1 month per book

Step 0 is optional and good for students with very little or no experience in the target language. We've also included a handy chart for you to keep track of Steps 1-4 listed below. Download: GMS Self Study Planner (EN).pdf


  1. Prepare. (GMS-A)

    Follow the text as you listen to the GMS-A files (in 'GLOSSIKA-XX-GMS-A'). Listen to as many sentences as you can, and keep going even when you miss a sentence or two. Try to focus on the sounds and matching them to the text.

  2. Listen. (GMS-A)

    Try to repeat the target sentence with the speaker the second time you hear it.

  3. Write. (GMS-C)

    Write down the sentences as quickly as you can, but hit pause when you need to. Check your answers against the text.

  4. Record. (GMS-C)

    Listen to each sentence and record it yourself. Record from what you hear, not from reading the text. You can use your mobile phone or computer to do the recording. Play it back, and try to find the differences between the original and your recording.

  5. Interpret. (GMS-B)

    Try to recall the target sentence in the gap after you hear it in English. Try to say it out loud, and pause if necessary.