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Death by 36,000 reps

Gabriel "Tatu" Arroyo


Though often recommend as a “supplemental tool” for foreign language acquisition, Glossika to me is far greater than just a “supplemental tool.” I have been a polyglot for most my life. My mother tongues are Spanish and English. The best thing about Glossika is that it introduces me to the sounds of a language, the vocabulary of a language and it helps me get over whatever language learning plateau I am in.

The concept of keep repeating and move on if you don’t quite understand a word or a phrase is great. Don’t worry about not getting that one sentence or phrase it will come up again in a different form but the words are exactly the same. The Glossika schedule to me is paramount and though it might sound cliché, just do it and see what I mean, for languages that are not close to my family language, what I do is I pick the 5-month intensive schedule (it’s only 21 weeks of over 94,000 repetitions and 90 minutes a day). What I do is I split up those 90 minutes throughout the day and do 30 minutes in the morning, during lunch time then right before bed. Done! This helps me with two things: brain fatigue and boredom. I also have “created” a term that I call “Death by 36,000 reps.” After I’ve done my 5-Month schedule I quickly jump into the 3-Week schedule (36,000 reps in 3 weeks or 21 days). Once again, I split up 250 minutes (4 hours and 10 minutes) a day, where you just double everything that’s on the schedule and do everything twice. Then you move on. What I’m working on this time around are speed and fluidness.

To allow the words to flow fast and naturally, I’m removing the thinking and now I’m forming a sort of reflex action. That’s what Glossika does for me it forms the pattern of the language in my head and then forms a reflex action of the language so I am not looking for the word -- I’m now thinking in the language and no longer translating. One thing I constantly hear from non-language learners is when they hear someone speaking naturally in a foreign language the one thing everyone can agree on is that native speakers do speak really fast so this is exactly what I am doing this time: training myself to speak faster, listen faster and try to say it before the speaker says it. By doing these schedules in this way you will notice that you acquire the language faster, you have the time to learn a language, you give yourself breaks throughout the day, you do not get bored, nor do you get brain fatigue.

In the beginning, before I found Glossika, I would purchase a phrase book and repeat, repeat and repeat those sentences until I memorized them at best I would have 300-500 sentences. However, with Glossika, you get 3000 sentences and its use is limitless. Glossika takes out all the stuff I used to take out of other programs all the annoying source language and leaves you with the meat of the language. You truly will learn a language with Glossika either by ease or brute force, also do not be afraid to combine schedules to maximize your language learning potential. Use a multi-month schedule with a multi-week schedule and reap the rewards.

What People are Saying:

“I bought the whole Glossika set for Swedish. I've been really impressed with how far my Swedish has progressed with this product.”
—Thomas Hjelm

“Your tone pronunciation manuals are brilliant. I always wonder why no one (that I know of) has produced something like this before.”
—Jaime Benito de Valle Ruiz

“I love it! …seriously. What I love about Glossika is that you have put into a concentrated pill what I would have done with hundreds of books myself.”
—Stuart Jay Raj