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Going Dutch

Josh Deuink

IT Services

A few years ago I decided I wanted to teach myself Dutch. Part of my family came from the Netherlands in the 1800s, and while we had stayed in touch with other parts of our culture (as well as our non-Dutch roots), nobody in the states could understand or read Dutch.

At first I started with Duolingo, which recalled a brief dalliance with Rosetta Stone many years prior. I was slowly starting to get the hang of the grammar. I could read some simple sentences. However, having a conversation was all but impossible. I even struggled with text based communication. Everything felt slow and I seemed to mess up my particles, prepositions, and word order whenever I opened my mouth.

Around that time I found out about Glossika. The idea seemed interesting and reminded me of how I had finally gotten to understand Japanese in school. I decided to give it a spin and see what would happen. Reviews seemed to be universally positive. I started using only the GMS sentences and trying to do the corresponding GSR recordings when I had the time. I've got a more reliably schedule these days but even then, after about three months of consistent use, everything started clicking. or rather it's not that it clicked, but certain things felt right and it made sense more intuitively. I also found that my reading comprehension increased greatly as well as my accent (which had been terrible thus far).

My Dutch still has a long way to go but I give Glossika 100% of the credit when it came to my first breakthrough. I finally felt like the language was becoming part of me.

Since then I've done the same with Swedish and the experience was similar. Now I recommend Glossika to everyone. It's absolutely worth the time commitment and cost.

What People are Saying:

“I love it! …seriously. What I love about Glossika is that you have put into a concentrated pill what I would have done with hundreds of books myself.”
—Stuart Jay Raj

“What a marvelous tool to develop fluency. And now I can triangulate languages, too, and the programs and schedules are flexible to my needs. Thank you Glossika! I so look forward to immersing myself in the area of language I love: speaking!”

“What makes Glossika really work with my pretty tight daily routines: The "no-nonsense" content - when I put on Glossika recordings - I get comprehensible input right away, even if I haven't touched a certain language for a while. No superfluous explanations in the source language. As a language learner - I found that template phrases just come out intuitively after doing so, and that often I find myself using a word or set phrase without consciously knowing what it mean, but using them correctly.”
—Kobi Kai Calev