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How Glossika Helps me Stay Committed to Daily Practice

Benjamin Page

Director of Online Advertising

These days, everyone is busy, and it can seem impossible to find the time to practice the foreign language you are learning. Those who become truly successful, though, are able to get there by creating a shift in their perspective. If learning a new language is truly a priority in your life, you need to make the time to do it and have a plan to reach your goals.

In my case, I have been learning a couple of languages on and off for years. I have had lots of motivation, and at different points, learning French and Russian have been top priorities for me. When I dedicated hours every day to study, I made a lot of progress! But after a while, larger life events get in the way - work projects, family time, travel - and my "top priority" started slipping. There have been a few times that I have lost progress due to the inability to maintain such a high level of time and effort commitment.

The Glossika system has enabled me to go through another shift in perspective that is setting me up for success. Instead of trying to cram and study hours every day and then get frustrated when I can't maintain that consistently, I can instead commit to a small, daily practice with the Glossika GSR tracks, and when I am able to make more time during the weekend or on quiet weeknights, I can add in additional study sessions using the dictation or production tracks.

It's the perfect thing to be able to change my mindset to a long-term perspective, to work harder when I have a specific goal, and to gradually improve over time. For instance, I am traveling to France in May, and so I have adjusted my Glossika schedule to be even more rigorous. The convenience factor is huge - I can listen to the daily GSR track during my daily commute to work, and the rest of my daily study time is dedicated to more focused, deep work in the other language skills.

I haven't found another system that is based on speaking from the first day and also enables you to create a structured learning plan that will play out over the course of weeks or months. The combination of those two means that no matter what is happening in my life, I can continue progress toward my goals without taking long breaks or giving up.

What People are Saying:

“What a marvelous tool to develop fluency. And now I can triangulate languages, too, and the programs and schedules are flexible to my needs. Thank you Glossika! I so look forward to immersing myself in the area of language I love: speaking!”

“I love it! …seriously. What I love about Glossika is that you have put into a concentrated pill what I would have done with hundreds of books myself.”
—Stuart Jay Raj

“I was so convinced of the value of this undertaking and its approach… and had a breakthrough moment… Glossika audio content tested every corner of my brain… and it reminded me of scores of small things I had learned but forgotten about the Italian language… Glossika could really transform your speaking ability in your target language.”
—Ellen Jovin