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Learning Latvian

Steven Kozak


Having dabbled with the Polish course, I knew Glossika was for me, but the language I really wanted to learn was Latvian. When I discovered Glossika was preparing to release its Latvian course, I harangued them frequently about the release date. I could already jabber away in limited Latvian, but I knew my phrasing was ungrammatical and my vocabulary was pitifully small.

There aren’t a lot of Latvian courses and the few that exist don’t suit my learning style. What I wanted was drill and speak exposure to develop my active command - not just a collection of texts with grammar exercises like most of the available courses. I am thrilled that with Glossika I get to learn useful expressions that I can imagine using in everyday life. With the pace and frequent repetition, I genuinely feel like I am developing fluency. I can even think in the Latvian I have learned so far.

I am an early riser. The first thing I do when I get up is write down that day’s collection of sentences and then do the corresponding GSR lesson. The process takes around 45 minutes. I don’t usually have any more time than that, but occasionally I get to do a second GSR file in the evening. That morning ritual with Glossika is so ingrained, I actually look forward to it! I am nearly through Book 2. I will have finished Book 3 one month before my intended trip to Latvia later this year. I intending using that 4 week gap to review using the GSM files.

Glossika doesn’t provide any grammar notes, but I have enough manuals to refer to whenever I feel the need to clarify something and even that is not absolutely essential. I do it out of interest, not necessity. Glossika has given me confidence that when I go to Latvia, I will be able to communicate effectively for my everyday needs. I have no hesitation in recommending Glossika to language learners. I particularly commend Glossika for publishing Latvian and other less common languages.

What People are Saying:

“What a marvelous tool to develop fluency. And now I can triangulate languages, too, and the programs and schedules are flexible to my needs. Thank you Glossika! I so look forward to immersing myself in the area of language I love: speaking!”

“Every language has certain grammar patterns… learn these common grammar patterns, you have a good grounding in the language. Once you recognise these common phrases… you can cope easily with many familiar situations you’ll find yourself in. In a nutshell, Glossika gives you all this foundational stuff on a plate… which is awesome!”
—Olly Richards

“I've noticed a surprising effect on my listening. Previously I could understand the news if I really concentrated, but now I'm finding I can process the speed of the news much easier and understand almost all of it; the amount of effort/concentration needed for listening to various materials has now vastly reduced. Thanks for offering a great product.”
—Justin Foord