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Mobile Motivation

Rob Flye

Nomadic Language Nerd

I have been using Glossika Chinese for a while now and the biggest impact has been my increased understanding. I love listening to the Chinese only sentences when I'm travelling around as it really has helped tune my ear to the sounds. Chinese no longer sounds like a barrage of unidentifiable syllables and the feeling of happiness when understanding native speakers can't be beaten! The biggest benefit for me is to be able to speak with my partner's mum, who doesn't know too much English. It has brought me closer to the family. I can even speak to her on the phone, something I would have never tried before as it was too hard to understand. The fact I can have the PDFs and audio on my phone for mobile use is amazing - like a mini language lab in your pocket. It may sound corny, but it has been life changing for me. I'm going to start to learn Norwegian and I can't wait for the course to be released!

What People are Saying:

“Your tone pronunciation manuals are brilliant. I always wonder why no one (that I know of) has produced something like this before.”
—Jaime Benito de Valle Ruiz

“I was so convinced of the value of this undertaking and its approach… and had a breakthrough moment… Glossika audio content tested every corner of my brain… and it reminded me of scores of small things I had learned but forgotten about the Italian language… Glossika could really transform your speaking ability in your target language.”
—Ellen Jovin

“I've noticed a surprising effect on my listening. Previously I could understand the news if I really concentrated, but now I'm finding I can process the speed of the news much easier and understand almost all of it; the amount of effort/concentration needed for listening to various materials has now vastly reduced. Thanks for offering a great product.”
—Justin Foord