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Over-study made Simple

Daniel Lin

Grad Student

I passed the TOCFL (Test Of Chinese as a Foreign Language) -- B1 Listening and B2 Reading! Huge thanks to you guys at Glossika - the work you guys are doing is legit as far as my experience is concerned. I am excited to be trying other languages now (Minnan). I'll spread the word (or sentences).

I took the TOCFL last year in New York. Out of the group that sat the B level test that day, I was the only one that passed. Among other test-takers were people who had studied for far longer than I had. I had done a few mock exams and easily passed the B2 Listening using those. However, the test had just been revised before the 2016 test date and it turns out it was much more difficult than the practice exams I had taken. That being said, Glossika helped me over-study for the original test so I still managed to survive the new test!

Anyways, standardized tests only mean so much (or so little?). I feel like I am only in the early stages of my Chinese learning relative to where I want my Chinese to be. Thanks to Glossika helping me get a decent TOCFL score, I applied, and received, a 9 month scholarship to study in Taiwan. I hope I can finally stop by and meet you guys to express my thanks in person.

What People are Saying:

“I've noticed a surprising effect on my listening. Previously I could understand the news if I really concentrated, but now I'm finding I can process the speed of the news much easier and understand almost all of it; the amount of effort/concentration needed for listening to various materials has now vastly reduced. Thanks for offering a great product.”
—Justin Foord

“I was so convinced of the value of this undertaking and its approach… and had a breakthrough moment… Glossika audio content tested every corner of my brain… and it reminded me of scores of small things I had learned but forgotten about the Italian language… Glossika could really transform your speaking ability in your target language.”
—Ellen Jovin

“I love it! …seriously. What I love about Glossika is that you have put into a concentrated pill what I would have done with hundreds of books myself.”
—Stuart Jay Raj