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The Five Minutes That Made All The Difference

MaryAnna Rose


When I started learning German a few years ago I had plenty of time to practice. I listened to podcasts, did Duolingo and Memorize every day, read through children's books (slowly and painfully) and stammering through conversations with language partners multiple times a week. Now I’m way busier, juggling the demands of life like everyone else and struggling to find ways to fit in my goal of just 30 mins of language practice a day. I had heard about Glossika numerous times but figured it was boring. For people who love verb lists and grammar and rote memorization.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

A few weeks ago I got a Glossika intro package and figured I could try it. So I clicked it on one morning after dropping my brother at school. I had five minutes of deadtime, what did I have to lose? So I listened and repeated the sentences. Happy that I knew some of the easier ones and enjoying the challenge learning the harder ones just out of my reach.

I just used a few minutes a day that would have otherwise been wasted.

After a week of using Glossika I couldn’t believe the difference those few minutes a day had made. In my next language conversation I was forming more complete sentences, speaking more quickly and using more advanced vocab instead of grabbing for the easiest words that would work. Using Glossika is the only thing I changed.

Glossika is amazing. I love their style and will be buying the complete program after my next paycheck.

What People are Saying:

“What a marvelous tool to develop fluency. And now I can triangulate languages, too, and the programs and schedules are flexible to my needs. Thank you Glossika! I so look forward to immersing myself in the area of language I love: speaking!”

“I love it! …seriously. What I love about Glossika is that you have put into a concentrated pill what I would have done with hundreds of books myself.”
—Stuart Jay Raj

“What makes Glossika really work with my pretty tight daily routines: The "no-nonsense" content - when I put on Glossika recordings - I get comprehensible input right away, even if I haven't touched a certain language for a while. No superfluous explanations in the source language. As a language learner - I found that template phrases just come out intuitively after doing so, and that often I find myself using a word or set phrase without consciously knowing what it mean, but using them correctly.”
—Kobi Kai Calev